I love thrift stores, I love them SO MUCH. I spent half my day at a Salvation Army in the uppity side of town, and I bought ten name-brand items for $25 total. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. That’s half the price of the brand-new version of my express pants I just bought. Plus, it felt great to purge several boxes of unwanted do-hickeys and what-nots.

However, I did witness something fairly concerning in that half-hour long line. There was a dad and his son (about my age) in front of me. The dad was literally berating his son for wasting his money on college and bumming around the house for years. He was shaming him in front of all these people, and although it wasn’t full-on yelling, it was enough that I could clearly hear it from several spots back.

“You wasted my time, you wasted my money. College is not cheap. You sat around the house for years. And what do you expect? To work at some minimum wage job all your life?” The dad criticized. The son was helplessly repeating, “Stop. Please stop. This is not the place to discuss this.” The dad just didn’t let up, though. “Why not? This is just as good a place as any.” He just kept scolding and scolding his son for something that obviously happened a long time ago. I was so close to stepping in and defending his son; I couldn’t believe it went on for so long.

I couldn’t help but relate to the kid. I haven’t told my dad about my career change idea yet…and it’s basically to avoid a very similar discussion. My dad paid for my bachelor’s degree (granted I did have a few scholarships to help fund it as well). I can’t help but feel guilty for abandoning it so soon after my career began. I’ve only been a nurse for a year and a half, and I just don’t like it. Since the moment I finished orientation, all I could think about is going part time, retiring early, going back to school, trying something completely different, anything really. Every time I go into work, I like it less and less (though I can’t say I hate it yet, or dread coming into work). My dad will be appalled to hear that, since he knows I’m not bad at nursing. He thinks it’s a really good fit for me. Who knows, maybe I will be making a huge mistake! Maybe the grass isn’t greener. Maybe I’m a naive 23-year-old just being stupid. I JUST DON’T KNOW….but there’s only one way to find out. And to me, it’s worth the risk, even though I’m scared as hell to make that jump.

Anywho, after I got back, Derek came by and we hung out all evening :)! WE MADE STEAK AT POTATOES HEHE :). He’s been so supportive of my decision. Actually, I’d say he’s encouraged me more than anything since I told him about my choice, even when I’ve hqdefault such fear of failure. I really didn’t want to come off as a copy-cat, so I was really scared to tell him for a long time. Basically, he introduced me to programming when he started about a year ago. I gave it a go, and I caught on really fast! Plus his company is the most badass company I’ve ever encountered. SO I WANT THE FUCK IN. AND HERE I AM, right now, writing to you, eating cold steak without a fork, bingeing Star Trek: The Next Generation as it plays just above my laptop screen. Schmee off to the slight left peeking every few minutes to make sure I’m not heading anywhere near the food bowl. My life is pretty dope, yo.

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