I just got home and I’m ready to pass out. My shift wasn’t even bad though. Actually…I’ve noticed that I rarely have bad assignments, and I’m not sure why. There are some people on my unit that ALWAYS have bad assignments. They always get the crashing patients or the assholes that don’t even know how to use their inside voices. There’s one nurse in particular that I always wonder “what’s gonna happen tonight” whenever she works. Then 4 hours later I hear the code blue alarm going off for a room in her assignment haha. This particular nurse has actually lost both her dad AND her mom to cancer ON OUR UNIT. I don’t know how she still works here. I’d peace the fuck out and try my luck with literally anything else in this world if that happened to me. And I asked her a couple weeks ago if she loves her job and her exact answer was, “Absolutely, yes. I love my profession.” Some nurses have an eternal black cloud over their head…but I have some sort of…yellow sun? Nice cloud? Blue sky? Fuck, whatever – THE OPPOSITE. I always seem to get the easy-breezy assignments somehow, and I still don’t even like my job. It honestly makes me feel like a whiny little bitch for wanting to change careers It’s like I’m just not understanding the point of nursing, I should be appreciating what I worked four years to achieve, or I get that feeling that maybe I’ll never be satisfied with a job. Ugh, yuck.

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