June 16, 2018

So I’ve been looking for a roommate on Craigslist to help cut costs over the next couple of months until Derek gets his ass in here permanently. I need the extra cash to start my schooling, and I figure it’s the easiest way to get an extra $1,500 in my pocket before I have to start living off almost no income while at school. Better than doing 4-6 overtime shifts at least ugh. Plus I have an extra bedroom with a bed in it, so PERFECT. It’s kinda sketchy to do it this way though for sure. I’ve been really successful with Craigslist and finding roommates in the past…But I can’t help but feel so vulnerable when advertising “23 y/o female and obese cat seeking short-term roommate in furnished apartment.” I’ve had mostly scammers respond…then I’ve had a lot of dudes, albeit very respectful dudes.

I guess my biggest fear is someone stealing my shit. And while most of my furniture was free or from the trash…I still have to be trusting that person with all my stuff while I’m out at work for 12 hour shifts over the next couple months. Ugh…stressing myself out. I wish Derek would just move in sooner!

ANYWAY, tonight is gonna be so much fun. Derek and I are going out clubbing because I love getting drunk and dancing like an idiot. And he loves watching me be an idiot. I’ll tell you the dirty deets later :).

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