June 17, 2018

IT’S OFFICIAL AHHHHHHHHH. I put down the deposit for the coding program like 3.5 minutes ago. SO EXCITED. SO SCARED. I’d like to mention that this is going to start in freakin’ JULY by the way. Originally I was aiming for the October classes, but I’m (almost) guaranteed a job with the company I really want to work for if I start now (thanks to the company’s partnership with this particular program, if anyone cares haha). This is it, people.

The perfect way to end a really nice Father’s day with my dad. I definitely did not tell him about the news. I dropped little hint-hints here and there that I’m interested in computer programming. I don’t want it to be a complete surprise, but I’m really not looking forward to the “I’ve switched out of the career with that degree you paid for” conversation. But we spent the evening at the mall since it was too insanely hot to walk outside, racking up the steps on our fitbits and entering absolutely none of the stores haha. Then we ate some dutch apple pie and ice cream that I brought him because he’s diabetic, and I’m a future diabetic so we love that shit. 7

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