June 18, 2018

I had a dude from Craigslist come and see the apartment today. Good news, he’s extremely interested. However, based on having previous roommates in the past, I know there are very important factors to consider:

  • Will they pay/afford rent?
  • Will they be respectful of you?
  • Will they be respectful of your belongings?
  • Will they be tidy?
  • Will they pitch in with chores (or at least not contribute to an increase in your chores)?
  • Will they be cool with a cat despite his eating habits and life choices?

I feel like these are the minimum requirements for a successful roommate. Thank goodness this guy seems to encompass all of those things so far. I’ve been really lucky with my roommates in the past, but I’ve heard so many horror stories from my friends of roommates who treat the lease-holders as…basically parents. One of my friends let his roommate get away with not doing ANY chores and eating all their food without paying them back for months. My friend would make food for himself, and the roommate would walk in, grab a plate, fill it, and walk back to his own room without a word. If he was my roommate, I would’ve let him know immediately that I’m looking for a replacement for him. I’ve got my own shit to worry about thank you very much haha.

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