June 19, 2018



Okay fine, I was polite when I broke their hopes, plans, and dreams. But this girl has checked off everything from yesterday’s Craigslist checklist – PLUS she’s my age. And also we text exactly the same way so far; both of us seem to have our lives planned down to the minute. I texted this girl for all of about 90 minutes, and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be my best friend ever. Hahaha okay, I’m getting carried away.

But seriously.

Also I worked last night. It was a good shift. I spent a lot of time sitting, which usually means it’s at least decent. I spent a lot of my sitting time watching videos about artificial intelligence (AI) and listening to AI podcasts while I charted assessments. AI is pretty fucking interesting, and is used in damn near every field. Maybe that’s where my software development career will lead me. Or maybe to Bioinformatics! The science of software development used to decode the human genome! SCIENCE IS COOL!!!!!!

I also talked to my assistant manager about working only Saturdays, because I plan to go back to school full-time. She wasn’t at all upset…but I believe it was because I left out the detail that it was not Master’s school…and that it was not at all nursing-related. She did tell me to discuss this with my manager in person.

I. am. so. fucking. dreading. this.

I do not want to have this conversation…because it will not be pretty and it may result in a variety of unpleasant outcomes such as:

  • being hated by my boss forever
  • potentially breaking my 2-year agreement with my job and possibly burning a bridge
  • having to explain why I don’t want to be a nurse anymore after only a year and a half
  • Getting in trouble because I didn’t honor my commitment to being a super user (someone in charge of a new unit project) (it will start the week I start my bootcamp) (I’m such a fucking asshole)
  • Getting in trouble because I agreed to become chemo certified a couple months ago which is expensive for my unit
  • Getting in trouble because she JUST posted next month’s schedule
  • becoming the scorn of the Earth and the bane of existence itself

Wish me fucking luck. Tomorrow morning will likely be the day.

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