June 22, 2018

I worked last night, and it was a really nice shift actually. I was able to watch a documentary about algorithms at the nurse station during the quiet part of the night, so I’d say it was a successful night. I wish I had some fun patient stories to share but eh.

Also, I think Schmee has scrambled in and out of my bedroom 5 times since I’ve started typing. He usually gets frisky after breakfast, but lately he’s been playing with this quarter-sized green puff that broke from some cheap-ass cat toy I bought from the dollar store. 1 (1)He fucking loves that thing now. It’s actually adorable watching him carry it around the house. On my night off, he accidentally batted it under the TV stand and he was going absolutely nuts trying to get it from under there. He tried climbing behind the TV I had to stop him before he yanked all my cords out of the wall. SO CUTE. BUT SO ANNOYING. <3!

Okay, I really need to get some sleep. Dave and I are driving up and meeting my parents at a cabin they’re renting! I’m so psyched! But I have to wake up especially early because I ate almost all of Dave’s birthday cannolis…He forgot them at my apartment and I figured I wouldn’t see him for another week…and I fucking ate them. So I’m gonna buy a couple fresh ones because I feel like an asshole hahahaha. Good night!


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