June 24, 2018

brown wooden footbridge on body of water during sunrise
Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.com

It was another relaxing day at the cabin. I think my body decided that it finally caught up on sleep too. I only took two naps today haha. It was actually a really nice time today, though I’ve been eating SO FREAKIN’ MUCH. My mom, being the wonderful Polish/German woman she is, will never let’s any of us get hungry, ever. It’s one of my top favorite things about her; I swear to God she’d sell her own shoes to make sure everyone in the room was fed. I admire that quality so much, and I love aiming to overfeed all my guests too haha.

So, besides eating, my brother put on a Harry Potter movie marathon that we’ve all been watching this whole weekend. It’s amazing to me that I’ve watched all these movies only a couple years ago, and I’ve remembered so little. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention last time. I’m watching the last movie right now as I type, so I’m totally not distracted this time around hahaha.

Between movies, Derek and I went on a little rowboat ride around the lake that’s across the street. It was so nice!!! Derek and I made a pact to never buy a boat, only have friends that buy boats haha. Dude, it is way too much work and wayyyy too much money to own a boat!

I freakin love the hell out of Derek, and I’m so glad my family loves him too. We’re an extremely weird group of people, and them saying that he fits right in is probably not a compliment to him, but damn it makes me feel so happy. Derek had to leave this evening because he works tomorrow like a LOSER. When he left, Christine (my sister) said “I thought he was gonna propose this weekend.” I burst out laughing. Derek and I have been together for over two years, but we’ve talked about it. We agreed that we’re not ready yet. I mean, we’re still figuring out our lives. I’ve got HUGE changes myself coming as it is. It’s nice to hear my family’s support though :).

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