June 27, 2018

I have something fairly interesting to talk about today! James, one of my best friends, came over with his girlfriend today. James is one interesting person. He and I have been friends for over five years now – since high school. James is one of those macho, construction worker, doesn’t really care how he looks type of guy. Except today he cared how he looked. We had plans to buy him a new wig. Yes James. You see, a few years ago, James revealed to me that he loves to dress up in drag. So that’s what we did today, planned a girls’ outing at the wig store…Except we didn’t ACTUALLY go…because a certain person forgot to actually check when it closes. Hahahaha. We still had a good time hanging around my apartment! I’m so glad he is having so much fun with it. He was so nervous to go until we went to a drag bar finally for the first time a couple months ago, and he LOVED IT. Its been all downhill from there. Tune in on the 30th if you wanna hear about what its like to go to a drag bar because that’s coming up next :P.

Outside of that, I’ve just been lounging around my apartment. I’ve been trying so hard not to, but I keep looking at pictures of adoptable cats. I NEED TO STOP….I’m already getting a new apartment resident as it is, so I honestly need to wait until she moves out. BUT GODDAMN, DID I SEE THE CUTEST LITTLE POTENTIAL BEST FRIEND FOR SCHMEE. His name is Ham!!!! And he loves belly rubs!!!!! I’m gonna show you an actual picture of this cat, hold on. ISN’T HE THE CUTEST??????????? I MUST BE PATIENT.


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