July 2, 2018

I guess I’ll be writing more about yesterday than today, technically. I had such a great time at Derek’s house :). It’s been probably over six months since I’ve even been there, thanks to his work being so conveniently located near my apartment.

His brother is also going to be in the coding bootcamp that I originally signed up for starting this month, so Derek, he and I were dissecting his prework and working on it on of his projects. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little discouraged by my difficulty understanding a few of the concepts. Derek’s brother seems like a real natural at coding and understanding abstract concepts quickly…and it was really hard not to compare myself to him. Even though it was a little discouraging, it makes me want to work extra hard to really understand programming. I feel like being a girl in a male-dominated industry, I have to work a little harder to prove myself. And it’s going to be much more difficult than starting out in nursing – something that was not especially challenging for me. I’m definitely willing to put in the effort, though. And I think I’m going to reap the rewards and satisfaction when I’m done :).

person looking at phone and at macbook pro
Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

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