July 6, 2018

I HAD SUCH A NICE DATE WITH DEREK TODAY!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!! We went to a new restaurant after he got off work, and it was GREAT!!!!  I love watching him try spicy food. He tried this cauliflower slider today, and it had some spice in it. He took one bite and immediately grabbed for his drink. He said he just needs to “push through the pain” hahaha.

We watched the Thor movie together afterwards in my apartment. It was great hahahaha! The whole time, he has himself perfectly positioned in the flow of my window AC unit. It was pretty damn hot today, but he can’t tolerate heat for SHIT. I mean, he hates when food is spicy hot; I guess there’s a trend here haha. That’s fine, as long as I still get cuddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s sleeping in my bed right now. It’s almost 4am, so I’ll probably join him in an hour :). I can’t wait until he and I are on the same sleep schedule permanently AHGHHGH!!!! I’m so glad he and I hung out today :).

person carrying black cat
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

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