July 8, 2018

YO, SO MY ROOMMATE FINALLY MOVED IN, WHICH IS COOL. Her carpet still smells like ass though apparently, despite spraying it like 7 times with 2 different types of deodorizers. Why does it smell like ass, you ask? Well, ASSctually (HAHA. HAHHA. HAhah ah hah… ha….), I used to own three ferrets. Actually I rented a two-bedroom apartment mainly to the master bedroom into designated ferret room. Yeah, I was really serious about these animals. Then they shit all over the carpet.

I actually owned ferrets up until a week before I started this blog. I’m surprised I never really mentioned it up until now. I gave them up to my old friend from college who was about to buy a pair of them from a pet store for her daughter. Now…For those of you who have never owned ferrets, you night imagine this cute little critter as an easy, little pet. However, they are extremely high maintenance animals that require a LOT of time, patience, and attention every single day. They also shit and piss all over the corners of your master bedroom, paying little attention to their designated litter boxes and the surrounding contact paper covering 50% of the carpet.

However, having been officially living on my own in a pet-friendly house, and having wanted ferrets desperately since I was in middle school, I RACED to the nearest pet store and finally got my dream pet. Then I adopted two more from a shelter thinking that my lil guy just needed friends to help him burn off energy. It honestly helped a little with the attention I needed to give them, but cleaning up constantly after three of them was absolutely awful and unending.

Overall, I rate ferrets a 4/10 as a pet as a single person providing all attention and care. If I had help, it would’ve been a lot more rewarding. To break it down:


  1. They are cute as hellferret-face-56a2bd1b5f9b58b7d0cdfa14
  2. extremely fun to watch
  3. so quiet
  4. playful all their lives


  1. never ending clean up
  2. smell – not so bad themselves but the carpet absorbs all the poo globs and urine smells for later
  3. the digging at the carpet
  4. the need for several hours of roaming time outside the cage
  5. stealing all my shoes, remotes, cat toys, socks and hiding them in an extremely inaccessible portion of the couch.
  6. frequent vet care (I did adopt older ferrets, however – so that contributes)
  7. very expensive food

Needless to say, I didn’t have the time or the patience to keep them – which sucks because I was so fucking psyched to finally get them. But I really had them up on such a pedestal. And with my career change and plans to get a roommate, it just didn’t make sense to keep them when my good friend and her daughter could give them so much attention and care. It was a win-win for me, my college friend, and actually the ferrets as well, so I think I made the right choice.

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