July 11, 2018

HOLY MOLEY. Waking up at 6am is definitely not a treat for my night-shift brain. However, it was totally worth it! I went to a Women in Tech Symposium hosted by Google and the school I’m going to learn programming through. It was great!!! There were only 2 dudes!!! Hahaha. We started off at like 9am, and I knew I wanted to just put myself out there and talk to a shitload of people. So I did!!! And everyone there was so eager to chat back!!! And I met some very cool ladies, all of different tech and non-tech related backgrounds. I expected a lot more to be enrolled in the programming course I’m in, but there were only a couple alumni and a couple that were interested. I think that added even more to the diversity of the group :).

woman showing presentation pie chart
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

As a very basic summary, we did different sessions that focused on things like how to emphasize your accomplishments and skills, building resumes, how to build your brand, and understanding barriers to women in a male-dominated field. I thought the latter was especially interesting because my current position as a nurse is obviously extremely female dominated. Yet, even though only 10-20% of my coworkers are male (and even less now on the oncology unit), I’ve still experienced many extremely uncomfortable and creepy neck/shoulder massages at work from one of male nurses that I needed to formally confront. But there’s all sorts of things of things to keep your eye out for in the workplace, and it was interesting hearing people’s experiences.

Needless to say, it was very informative! I’m so glad I went! And the moment I got home, I crashed. I’m glad I got some sleep, but I woke up suddenly from a really upsetting dream about an owl that flew away carrying someone’s cat. I was so upset, throwing things at the owl until I just woke up. So after that, I just stayed up and loafed around, watching Star Trek.

THERE IS ONE GREAT STORY I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH, HOWEVER. My wonderful, asshole cat, Schmee was hanging out, watching TV with me. He starts licking himself,

black cat holding persons arm
Photo by Ruca Souza on Pexels.com

doing whatever cat-things, when I look up to see his head flailing around. What the fuck, Schmee? Apparently, he somehow got his bottom jaw stuck under the brand new collar I bought for him LOL. OH MY GOD, I DIED LAUGHING. I knew he was gonna try to claw the shit out of my arm the second I tried to undo the collar; as previously mentioned, he is indeed an asshole. But I couldn’t even stop laughing long enough to help him. Maybe I’m the asshole lol. Finally I got it loose, and I also got some pretty sick red lines up my arm. Lol, I love that lil guy :).

And there ya go. It’s almost 5am so that’s about 24 hours in four paragraphs haha.

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