July 13-14, 2018

It’s gonna be a double day extravaganza hahaha. I wasn’t able to write yesterday, but I had such a great time. Shortly after waking up, I went with Derek to his friend’s house to have a backyard movie night featuring the original Friday the 13th movie. I had such a wonderful time :3. I was also very intoxicated, which was great too.

Today, woke up to go to one of my friend’s weddings. It’s crazy how many people I know from high school are getting married. It was so fun though! The ceremony itself was very unique. It was a traditional Romanian wedding which entails crowns, drinking, eating, and dancing. As soon as they put on crowns I just look over directly at Derek and say “yo, we need crowns.” He just laughed.

After the ceremony we had a wonderful dinner, very strong alcoholic beverages, and plenty of dancing. I realized it is very hard to be both intoxicated and dancing in heels.

cake celebration dairy product decorate
Photo by Ana Paula Lima on Pexels.com

But TOOOTALLY I nailed it. I also caught up with one of my old friends from high school, which was really nice :). The first time I really got to know that person was in 10th grade. I used to be really shy and I didn’t know anybody in my lunch schedule, so I spent the first few lunches of the semester eating in the bathroom stall. It was humiliating, but somehow I felt like that was better than going up to someone’s lunch table and introducing myself haha. Anyway, this person came right up to me one day, having no idea that I was spending my lunch for a couple days from a scene out of Mean Girls, and she excitedly told me to come sit with her and her friends. And I did. I spent every lunch that semester hanging out with her and her friends. It felt so good :). I should’ve told her about that tonight; I’m not sure why I didn’t.

YO AND I ALSO CAUGHT THE BOUQUET. And by “caught” I mean the bride threw it weakly onto the floor in front of everyone and I raced for it HAHAHA. I grabbed it and pointed straight to Derek hahahahahaha. Of course, then I had the guy put the garter on me and we danced, which was hilarious :).

After the wedding reception, Derek and I came home and CRASHED. I’m probably going to crash again in a second too. I’m POOPED.

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