July 17, 2018

I WORKED. AND IT SUCKED. Okay…Well it wasn’t the worst shift I’ve had. I still wished I wasn’t there wiping butts. One of my coworkers made a really good point during our shift last night. Nobody at our job ever says “I’m so excited to come back to work” or “I love being here.” I will hear “I can’t wait to go home” or “I wish I didn’t have to come back tonight” at least 10 times per shift, however. Hell, I’ll say it myself at least 10 times a shift. I think that’s very interesting. Granted, we’re all paid to be there for a reason – but there are very few people on my unit that actually seem to enjoy being there. This is something that takes up 3/7ths of our week…And nobody likes it.

For a while I would hear people say that they enjoy their job, and I legitimately wouldn’t even believe them. I’ve heard many of my peers talk about their jobs (many of which have been in their fields for the same amount of time I have). They say that they really like the challenges or that they really find the work satisfying. I was at my most cynical at about the 6 month mark of my new nursing job; I would spend my free time calculating how much money I’d need to save each month to retire at the age of 35 or how soon I could get a roommate so I could live off part-time wages. I even aimed to get a graduate degree in nursing so I could afford to enjoy retirement even sooner. It was about that time when I really couldn’t believe that anyone really liked their job. You get degrees so you can survive (easier) and that’s it. And what scares me the most in hindsight is that it seemed so normal to me to just trade your life away until you get to enjoy your retirement years. I think that’s a thought process I learned from my dad.

I’ve accepted that a lot of people actually do genuinely enjoy what they do. This gave me a lot of hope for my future – that there’s more to look forward to each day than retirement or working as little as possible. This is what really launched me into the search for non-nursing careers.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now – I need SLEEP…

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