July 26, 2018

adult ambulance care clinic
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I just really did not want to write about the shift I had on the 25th. Not gonna lie, I feel like it’s really hard to come up with interesting things to talk about when I work….HOWEVER… Last night I had something very interesting happen.

Right in the beginning of my shift, right as I was trying to pass my first meds, my nurse assistant comes up to me and says “Hey, Ann, could you come into room 52 next?” “Sure, no problem” Kinda weird that she come into another patient’s room to tell me that, but okay. She comes back not even a minute later, “Ann, I need your help in 52.” Immediately, I’m like oh shit what’s going on. I drop what I’m doing and head over…First thing I see is my patient coughing up clots of blood onto his gown. AWESOME. The monitor was furiously beeping showing his oxygen saturation at 70%. Not fucking good. Immediate doctor call. The patient was arguing at me through congested coughs that he wants to know what pills he’s getting this evening. “Mr. B, that is absolutely not our priority right now” as I’m frantically snapping a non-rebreather onto his face. For those of you who aren’t medicals, that’s the breathing device you choose when you want to get literally as much oxygen as humanly possible into a person’s lungs without intubating them. Saturations increased to a whopping 80%.

Doctor runs in and immediately calls a code blue. A code blue is kinda like a non-rebreather mask – but instead of getting oxygen inside the patient, you use it to tell every doctor in the hospital to get the fuck inside this patient’s room. Since the non-rebreather wasn’t doing jack-shit, the team intubated him so they could suction blood straight from his lungs. SO MUCH BLOOD….. Oh my god. Needless to say, that patient did stay on my unit for long after that.

I was pretty proud of myself for remaining so calm. Codes are so fucking hectic, and I basically just stood around to be a helping hand and provide any information about the patient. That’s all you can do, even though you feel pretty useless just standing and watching.

It was also really interesting. I really liked feeling challenged and the adrenaline rush (even though I was frazzled for like an hour straight after that). I’m not really sure what I liked about it….I think I just like that it was something different. Normal shifts are pretty boring. Don’t even fucking say it through, I don’t want to be an ICU nurse.

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