July 29, 2018

I had a great date with Derek yesterday. I actually had a sleepover at his house for the first time since we started dating over 2.5 years ago hahahaha. It was really nice :). And he took me on a canoe date on the river by his house!!! I loved it! photo-1499102106956-2ee9a37675d1

It was interesting working together to get the boat going. Derek started off in the front of the boat, and the whole time he was trying to direct the boat. If you know anything about canoes, you steer best from the back. He kept sticking his paddle in the water to turn the boat, but it really just slows the boat down when you do that from the front. Or he would try to steer by extra paddling on each side, and I would try to do the same thing and we would just keep ping ponging back and forth from one edge of the river to the other lol. We never yelled at each other or got mad about it, but it was really interesting trying to communicate effectively. I think we did a great job figuring it out, especially when we switched so he could steer hahaha. We also got free jello shots from other canoe-er. That was fuckin’ dope.

After that, we passed out and had a 2 hour nap date :3.

Fast forward to today. TODAY WAS AMAZING. I woke up early so I could get training at my nearest cat shelter. I’m an expert pooper scooper now :). I PLAYED WITH SO MANY KITTENS. It was so great. They had all their rooms filled with kittens! Even the bathroom!!!! And almost every single kitten (I’m talking like 14/15 kittens) were already adopted – they are just waiting to get a little bigger. I can’t wait to go again. I really wasn’t tempted to bring any of them home either, which I’m really proud of :). Schmee would absolutely not appreciate a hyper little kitten brother or sister anyway.

HOWEVER…Ther197235-131-4ED20709e is one cat in particular I’ve been really interested in for the last week or so. Basically, I told Derek that I’m going to be adopting another cat once he moves in – basically because of this cat alone. Her name is Riley, she’s a beautiful calico, 12 years old, and she can’t use her back legs. She’s a scooty butt!!!! Apparently she’s a sweetheart and she has been in foster care for over a year now. I’m going to meet her at her foster home in a couple weeks. If she loves cuddles and doesn’t bite, then I’m going to adopt her in October! I want a cat that likes being held and loved on – I need a balance to my nibbly little Schmeebert hahaha. And I feel like Schmee won’t mind her as long as she stays out of his business.

I’ve always been interested in adopting a cat with special needs…as weird as that sounds. I’ve spent the last week looking up articles and videos about paralyzed cats and how to care for them. I’m very excited to meet her and I hope it’s a good fit :). I’ll keep you updated!