July 24, 2018

.,09;—  (Schmee’s contribution to the post today)

So, today was pretty good. I had a day off, so I went with my mom to the card shop and sold my(and my mom’s) 9 entire binders full of Pokemon cards. It was not bad, we got about as much as I expected – $250. And that’s a LOT of Pokemon cards. Mom thought we would get $5,000 for it all, and the guy at the store scoffed when he heard that. Honestly, I think both of us are glad that those giant boxes are gone and we don’t have to deal with fucking Ebay. I just felt really guilty splitting the money we got back 50/50, when I know my mom bought probably 95-96% percent of those from garage sales, flea markets, wherever. I think I’m gonna try to treat her with the money I got. Have like a girl’s night with it :).

old photos in the wooden box
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

After that, I went clothes shopping. I really need short sleeved shirts, but GUESS WHAT I GOT. SWEATERS. GREAT JOB, ANN. I’m currently changing up my wardrobe, so I’m buying new styles and purging my old looks. I love purging old things; it feels good for some reason to have as little as possible. I thought a lot about that today when I was with my mom. She is a hoarder. It’s not an awful case like you’d see on TV, but I remember not being able to walk in the basement when I was a kid. Hence why we had SO MANY POKEMON CARDS, and she continued to buy them even after I stopped showing interest in them. I was always so embarrassed for people to see how messy our house was just because of the sheer number of things we had in our house, so from then on, I vowed to keep only what I really used (and really make sure I’m going to use something before I spend money on it).

close up photo of white and brown feline
Photo by Monique Laats on Pexels.com

After shopping, I talked to my roommate, Emma, for like 2 hours. We have so much in common, it’s pretty fucking cool. I hope she and I will chill/have a night out sometime soon. Now I’m sitting around on my laptop…looking at cat adoption ads and cat hoarder documentaries. I really want to adopt this calico cat that is absolutely adorable, but can’t use its back legs. I am totally up for that challenge hahahaha, I don’t really mind at all. If that cat is still available in October when my roommate moves out, I’m definitely going to adopt her. :3!